Alastair Campbell to visit Australia for a series of masterclasses  


Alastair Campbell, one of the world’s leading communications and political strategists, will be appearing in Australia for an exclusive series of masterclasses on Leadership in Corporate Communications.

Best known for his role in helping the U.K. Labour Party under Tony Blair win three successive general elections and described as a ‘genius’ by Tony Blair himself, he has since advised governments, parties, businesses, sports teams and charities in different parts of the world. He has written twelve books including the best-selling WINNERS AND HOW THEY SUCCEED which looks at what business, politics and sport can learn from each other.

Organised by Connect Development (part of the Connect Media Group) the series of one day interactive masterclasses will run from the 27th – 29th June in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane where Alastair will share the tools, lessons and strategies he has developed during a lifetime in media, politics and campaigns.

Alastair’s one day masterclass will explore:

  • Strategic communications – What is strategy? How is it made? How is it implemented?
  • Leadership and teamship – What is the role of the leader and what is the role of the team?
  • Crisis management – What is a crisis? What are the systems and approaches needed to deal with one?
  • Managing the modern media world – How best do we navigate the world of change?

About Connect Development

Connect Development is a focused event platform that delivers the on-going learning essential to cultivate the capabilities that advance careers. In collaboration with globally recognised industry leaders, we design a learning environment with limited attendance, to equip professionals with the tools for continual development. Connect Development is part of the Connect Media Group

Further information, including online registration, is available at or by contacting Connect Media Group on 02 8004 8590.





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