Looking to the Future with Volvo Car Group’s Aric Dromi


Aric Dromi is fascinated by change. The ways in which we move, work and interact, even the appearances of ourselves and our cities, are rapidly evolving.

These changes disrupt business, redefine our cultures and most importantly, question the merit of the present. For Aric Dromi, the Chief Futurologist at Volvo Car Group, today is already old news.

Officially, Mr Dromi is the Chief Futurologist at Volvo Car Group and a Co-Founder at TEMPUS. MOTU, an innovative social and technology thinktank. Unofficially, Mr Dromi describes himself as a digital philosopher and a professional troublemaker. Working as Head of Technology at Ericsson and a Program Manager at Microsoft laid the foundations for a career focussed on predicting, navigating and capitalising on the opportunities and challenges that beckon over the horizon. Dromi focusses on the upcoming fifteen-year period in his research, determined to quantify the future’s relevance to companies and subsequently, deciphering how best to approach the world that lies beyond tomorrow.

Luckily for us, Aric Dromi is back from the future to discuss what he has seen with Connect Intelligence. 


1. Which industries have the most to gain, and the most to lose, from rapid digitisation and smarttech proliferation

I think society as we know it will evolve to define the answer to that question. Pinpointing a specific industry is hard, I rather look at the reciprocal relationships between the main buildingblocks such as energy, mobility and communications to links actors and trends together and deliver the next stage of human perception.

2. Tell us about the singularity of man and machine and how it would redefine the role of the CIO.

I’m not sure people will like my answer. The merge of so many fields today, from AI/ ML, biotechnology, computation power, robotic, Neuroscience, energy and more is defining a new digital ontology. National Sovereignty, Corporate Giants / Cities, Financial Services, Reality perceptions as all connected and part of any interaction. I think the role of the traditional CIO should be handled by AI while we focus on the holistic experience we can create using the above.

3. What should companies be doing to ensure their operations are ‘futureproofed?’

Challenge their internal thinking, give space to fail, encourage failure! Stop think outside the box and redefine the box instead. Don’t focus on storytelling and change that into story making.

4. Many people find it difficult to keep up with the present, let alone the future. How do you ensure you stay one step ahead?

I don’t sleep much 🙂

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